7 million electric car recharging stations in 2030?

Today our company tries to use eco-responsible energy. The electric vehicle is one of the chosen solutions on a national level.

The French State has therefore decided to fight against a major obstacle concerning the purchasing of electric cars with a project called ADVENIR: the absence today of a real network of recharging stations, that are easy to find and accessible to everyone.

First step: to develop recharging points. We need to reach, or even go over the number of places provided for petrol and diesel vehicles. And the objective to be reached is ambitious! To go from 10,000 public recharging stations in 2014 to 7,000,000 accessible points on the horizon of 2030.

So what’s different about the ADVENIR project?

Well, the State is counting on companies and private paying individuals to install the recharging stations. It hopes to spread the facilities geographically. This will be in return for fiscal advantages for those who invest in the project. Amongst the first companies to play the game, is Effia, challenger on the car parking market in France, a subsidiary of Keolis and therefore the SNCF, that has invested in the eco-sustainable mobility sector.


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http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/Le-renforcement-de-l.html (in French)

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