Car Insurance: the trend «Pay how you drive»

Nowadays, saving money is no longer an option… and if it were possible to save on our car insurance and perhaps save up to 35% on our premiums?

Using a tracking software similar to a GPS linked to a mobile phone in our car, our insurance policy can be calculated quickly from the data transmitted.

This calculation can be based on the number of kilometres covered, but also on how, where and when we drive, the speed and the traffic time, in addition to the journey time. The variations can also be introduced according to our driving style (how you take corners, how often you slam on the brakes, or accelerate) or the identity of the driver.

Allianz has already offered an insurance contract since the end of 2015 based on our attitude behind the wheel.

Your personal data is kept safe … but watch out for supplementary risk premiums if you drive for too long without a break, use your mobile telephone when driving, or if you drive at excessive speeds.

And if only our car could talk to us …

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