Arval launches a car sharing solution

Since the month of May, Arval has launched its car sharing solution.

So what’s new?

You can now reserve, start up and open vehicle doors with a simple application on your Smartphone. Just to remind you, Arval is the first long term rental agent in terms of volume in France.

Since 2011, Arval has started a car sharing solution for companies and their employees. This solution enables you amongst other things to avoid having to call a taxi or to reserve a rental car for a one-off requirement. This year, Arval has modernized its offer with its Smartphone application that helps you reserve a car and start it independently. The application enables the driver to open and close the doors without having to collect the keys beforehand. An efficient and simple innovation that can replace the badge still used today, the main obstacle to the development of car-pooling in the company.

This innovative solution could, in the long term, be duplicated for a formula adapted to private paying individuals…

For more information on Arval and its car sharing solution: (in French)