Airbus is working on a connected flying taxi

Airbus is currently working on a project, that has surely been the dream of more than one film producer; … a connected flying taxi.

Looking rather like a large drone, this ‘flying car’ is currently being developed for 2 specific service offers:

  • to carry cargo ;
  • to transport passengers .

Of course, there are sizeable challenges involving how to detect and avoid obstacles, not to mention how to obtain required flight authorisation. Despite all these hurdles, the first trials are scheduled for late 2017 in Singapore with a prototype called Vahana.

The point of this project is obviously to take the pressure off the roads with a new mobility solution. Bearing in mind that DHL and Amazon have already worked on this project, Airbus is focusing its work on freight transport but for light loads only.

What’s next?

If this first project is given the green light, Airbus will develop the “Cityairbus”, an air transportation system that would operate in a similar way to UberPOOL.