Assistance – Drivy ’s choice on the French market.

The start-up company, Drivy, began in 2010 as a vehicle rental platform between private individuals and has quickly become a key player in the peer-to-peer car rental sector. Today, it has more than a million members and the website has always offered insurance for all vehicles rented through it.

Over the years, the insurance contract has expanded and its content has been improved.

Now, just like private car insurance contracts, assistance is included and sold as part of the vehicle leasing contract. It automatically replaces the vehicle owner’s personal insurance when the vehicle is rented by Drivy. The cost of insurance is subsequently included in the rental price (the cost is 10.525% incl. VAT of the total rental price, with added assistance at €0.65 incl. VAT per day of rental).

The special feature of Drivy’s roadside assistance is that services can be tailored according to the beneficiary.

In fact, Drivy’s assistance contract, devised with Allianz and Mondial Assistance, has unlimited mileage and comes in two parts:

  • The first part is for the person renting the vehicle. This includes breakdown/tow-away, vehicle hoisting and secure storage of the vehicle (at the nearest garage) capped at €300 incl. VAT and an additional service for the driver to return home or continue their journey.
  • The second part is for the vehicle owner. This covers transport costs to the garage where the vehicle was towed to (vehicle recovery).

To sum up:

Assistance cover for Drivy users includes pre-existing services, but in different circumstances. Drivy’s assistance is focused on mobility and applies solely to road safety while offering no cover for the individual.

But, why not go that extra mile and offer assistance solutions guaranteeing mobility?