Augmented reality in vehicles : sooner than you though !

Before focusing on completely autonomous driving, automobile manufacturers are looking into the use of augmented reality in vehicles. They are following the movement started with the democratization of virtual reality helmets.

Effectively, the use of this new technology could make driving more comfortable, but above all, less dangerous. In 2015, the Korean manufacturer Hyundai had already presented a version for its Genesis. This high end model was equipped with a new head-high display system with augmented reality. The principal: to display in real time security or comfort information on the driver’s windscreen. This new feature is thanks to captors on the vehicle, but also to outdoor data. The vehicle is therefore able to display the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot, at traffic lights out of the view of the driver, the navigation system, security distances, etc.…

And the competitors: German equipment manufacturer Continental also provides an equivalent system and aims at being able to equip a mass produced vehicle before 2017.

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Written by Stéphane and Loïc

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