NAVLY, the 1st 100% French self-driving bus in Lyon !

Navly bus : an autonomy of 1.35 kilometres, 15 passengers on board, 4 metres long. Here’s some of the characteristics of this wonderful feat, stamped «made in France».

Following the driverless taxis in Singapore, France is the first country to provide a public transport shuttle that is 100% self-driving. And the 1st city is Lyon! Where its name is NAVLY. There’s no point looking for the driver of this futuristic bus as there isn’t one!

Navly runs in the Confluence district in Lyon, at the reasonable speed of 20 km/h and makes 5 stops. Its location was carefully chosen for its ecological and economic advantages. But the shuttle bus can also operate safely as there are no junctions or pedestrians.

The shuttle bus is a technological gem : priced at 200,000 euros, it’s equipped with stereovision guidance cameras, laser sensors, a GPS. Its battery autonomy  lasts between six to eight hours.

Following tests that lasted a year, you can now use this free service during the week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Update : find out more about NAVLY bus with Keolis’ video here

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