Tesla to provide its own car insurance contracts

The development of self-driving vehicles raises questions regarding responsibility and notably in terms of insurance.

Does computer assisted driving reduce risks? Who should be held responsible in the case of an accident?

This year, Allianz, the N°1 insurer in the world, has developed a contract for car drivers who have a self-drive mode on their vehicle. It concerns either the parking, breaking or assisted driving speed regulation. The insurer is offering a very attractive price taking into account the lower accident risk on this type of vehicle.

But self-driving cars are far from being free from potential hazards. As the recent accidents of Google Car have shown or moreover the fatal accident involving aTesla S last June.

To reassure new clients, Tesla has come forth and suggested an insurance contract for the use of its vehicles. These contracts have been developed in partnership with Axa and QBE Insurance. They’d be available for the moment in Hong-Kong and in Australia.

InsureMyTesla could be available at the beginning of 2017. For 900$, the client will also benefit from a full replacement value over 3 years and the coverage of problems linked to the home charging stations of the manufacturer.

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