Waze Carpool: Google takes on carpooling

Global mapping with Google Maps, self-driving cars with Google Car, the takeover of Waze in 2013… And now the creation of Waze Carpool!

Of course there’s no surprise here … As all these developments demonstrate Google’s goal to be and to remain leader in the mobility market. In fact, the US giant has announced that they aim to provide, as from this autumn, a car sharing solution via its Waze application.  Somewhere between the chauffeured driven car offer of Uber and the car sharing of BlaBlaCar.

Initially, Waze Carpool will be available in San Francisco and its region. By indicating their destination, users can accept passengers suggested by the application in exchange for a fee of course. With the objective of an increasing use of self-driving cars, Google will now have a platform to connect passengers, just like Uber.

David Drummond, the current vice-president of the development of Google has recently resigned from his position of administrator for Uber, to officially avoid conflicts of interest. War has now been well and truly declared.

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Written by Ilhame and Loïc