We have tested for you… Koolicar rental

Jissé, assistance officer on our Warranty division, has a small car that he doesn’t use every day. He puts his car on several car sharing sites including Koolicar. This was the opportunity for us to test the service!

Koolicar, is one of the new sites that allows members to rent their car without exchanging keys. Here’s what it means for car owners and people renting:

– The car owner:

A little electronic box has been fixed to the windscreen of Jissé’s car by a technician from Feu vert sent free of charge by Koolicar. It specifies where the car can be found on the site and enables people to access it in a simple and safe way.

– The person renting:

Once the reservation has been made, access to the vehicle is made possible using a badge without ever meeting Jissé. The rental price is fixed according to the actual consumption (per hour + mileage) and the payment is made on line.

Some photos taken at the beginning of the rental:


So how was this rental experience?

  • You don’t need to do anything else! No exchange of keys, or contract, or exchange of money, no need to make an appointment, no price to fix … There are no fixed terms and no subscription. The service already includes assistance and insurance with a specific partner.

This rental in 3 steps is really great for small budgets. Jissé rents out all the time!

Koolicar gives him the opportunity to share “his” car.


Please note the following so as not to get caught out:

  • for a journey of less than 300 km, there’s no need to fill up. Fuel costs are included in the rental price.
  • Koolicar fixes the price, then 70% of the price of the service is paid to the car owner.


One slight hitch: even if the installation of an electronic box is an advantage, the rental price is consequently higher at Koolicar in relation to their direct competitors.


Would you like to try car sharing? You could try Ouicar, Drivy or Tripndrive!