Wheeliz: the joys of the road for everyone

Since 2015, Wheeliz is one of the first rental sites for private individuals with cars adapted to people with reduced mobility. This young start-up, based at the incubator Incuba’school in Île-de-France, has launched a challenge to find supportive and fair solutions for mobility. Even the co-founder herself is in a wheelchair. She has won several awards for her work, for example in the Sustainable Urban Mobility and Logistics Programme.

Do you have a vehicle with a ramp that you don’t use every day? This service is for you!

So what are the advantages? Firstly, it’s the possibility to earn up to 345 euros per week by getting the most out of your vehicle. And all of this is possible with the utmost security during the rental period, for the owner as well as the person renting, thanks to an insurance and a tailor-made roadside assistance package covering all risks. And why should potential users choose this service? The deal clincher is the price, as it’s difficult to beat the rate of 60 euros per day (on average, fixed by the owner) for vehicles that fit the bill.

Wheeliz today has 2,100 subscribers and about 250 adapted cars available in France. The market is promising with 400,000 persons in France. Several formulae have been put forward with more than 100,000 adapted cars; mobility is opening up to everyone. There’s a wide choice of vehicles, the prices are very reasonable and insurance is included. There’s also an offer for professionals who can subscribe either to rent out vehicles, or as a private chauffeur.

Today, the economy of sharing is gaining more and more ground. We will soon be able to find a service adapted to seniors and on an international level as the start-up doesn’t want to stop there.

For more information about this supportive community, please visit their site.