Surprise ! Lyft is ahead of Uber in the USA

In the USA, keyplayers on the internet were quick to react following the anti-immigration decree.

Several keyplayers got together and decided to help immigrant charity organisations. Other sectors also showed that they were not happy with this decree: buut when the New York taxis went on strike, Uber announced that the price of a taxi ride to John F. Kennedy from New York would not increase. Because of this, the start-up was accused of taking advantage of the situation. Since then, the hashtag#DeleteUber, created a negative spiral for the most well known ridesharing app company.

What was the impact for the Uber app?

This movement against the start-up saw the rise of a new app from a competitor: Lyft, putting Lyft ahead of the most well known keyplayer on the sharing economy market. So much so that Lyft got to 4th place in terms of the number of free downloaded apps in the USA on Monday, 30th January.

What was Uber’s reaction?

On social media, the start-up explained that they didn’t want to take advantage of the strike. They also announced funding 3 million dollars to compensate drivers who couldn’t return to American soil due to the change in the law.


UPDATE ON 7th APRIL: Lyft is even bigger and is worth more than half a billion dollars.

So like David in front of Goliath, the fight is not over!