Paris is testing EZ10, the EasyMile autonomous shuttl

Since 23rd January, in Paris, EZ10 autonomous shuttles have been tested in the station “Gare de Lyon” and “Austerlitz”.

Made by the company in Toulouse – EasyMile – with the manufacturer Ligier and Robosoft, 2 EZ10 shuttles run on a special pedestrian-free track. They link the 2 stations that are actually not far from each other but are badly connected.

So, what are their characteristics?These autonomous shuttles are 100% electric. They can transport about a dozen passengers and can reach nearly 30 miles an hour (45 km/hour). Their principal advantage is to not need ground infrastructures (rails, excavation etc.).

Another advantage: to avoid any risk of collision, the manufacturers have equipped the shuttle with numerous monitoring tools. In fact, the EZ10 is equipped with a 360° view, several cameras and movement sensors as well as 3D imagery.

And what’s really very clever, the cameras have their own windscreen wipers!

Impressed by the launch, the City Hall of Paris is planning on developing autonomous shuttles as links between other sites, between the “château de Vincennes” and the flower gardens, “Parc Floral” or to facilitate access to the hospital – Pitié-Salpétrière, for example. For cities, the shuttles known as “the last mile” have many positive points. They can provide transport means in areas that do not have good transport and are at quite a distance from the city centre. In short, these shuttles are in demand, ecological, economical and safe.

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