DREEM: Sleep like a baby.

DREEM: developed by the Startup Rhythm, a connected headband promises to improve the quality of deep sleep, the most important phase during the night when your body recovers.

We all know how to sleep – but do we know how to sleep well?

And do we know how to get enough sleep? Not everyone does if the figures in the report from the Sleeping Habits Health Institute in France: one person out of three suffers from sleep problems. It’s therefore important to research solutions to put a stop to this. This is precisely what the start-up Rhythm – set up by two young graduates from the Ecole Polytechnique, Hugo Mercier and Quentin Soulet de Brugière – has set out to do. They have come up with Dreem, a connected object to help us sleep well.

More than a very good pillow, it’s a smart head band.

Sleep specialists, neuroscientists, IT specialists, machine learning experts, designers, specialists in mechanics and electronics …. All these skills have been combined to create an innovative and revolutionary concept in terms of sleep. A little using an electro-encephalogram, the principle is to analyze brain activity and more precisely the phases of deep sleep. The deeper the sleep is, the more you recover. By stimulating slightly through slow frequencies, Dreem promises to improve the quality of your sleep and the way that you sleep.

But isn’t it bad for the brain?

The headband doesn’t use Wifi or Bluetooth or any other wave during the night. There are no known secondary effects. The headphone is placed on your head before you go to bed like an orthodontist head gear. When you wake up, the data is sent to a Smartphone application. This records data over several nights. You can also program Dreem to wake you up gently. And it will do this at the best moment in your sleep cycle! It doesn’t take you out of a deep sleep right in the middle of your paradoxical sleep, otherwise known as the dream phase.

The first version is already ready! 500 users have been able to benefit from it – retailing at 349€ – to be the first testers and to help Rhythm develop the product. The final version will be available at the end of 2017.

So, sleeping well is no longer a dream?!

See the site (and why not be amongst the first by placing a pre-order?)

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