HoloActive Touch: the tool from BMW to improve the mobility experience

BMW has recently presented its BMW i Inside Future including an improved version of the HoloActive Touch.

What it is the HoloActive Touch?

The HoloActive Touch is a combination of a headset, with gestures and commands linked to a touchscreen. This man-to-machine interface is a control system which aims to improve the mobility experience. Basically speaking, built into the dashboard, this technology projects virtual commands in the form of holograms.

Technically, how does it work?

A camera identifies the driver’s gestures. A virtual dashboard appears as soon as the driver’s hand comes close to the holographic area. The driver feels a “pulse” confirming that the desired control is working. Already fitted with several options in the new Series 7 and Series 5 models (radio, air conditioning or rejecting a call), this technology is changing the driving experience of these models.  On BMW i Inside Future, the new Holoactive Touch model should have even more features.

More information on:

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