Saint-Etienne city is seriously considering in the Hyperloop Project.

In case you don’t know already, the Hyperloop is the train of the future, designed by Elon Musk (the visionary leader of the company Tesla and Space-X). It’s a new generation hotel, made up of pod-like vehicles propelled through a high-pressure tube. The absence of friction means that the train can reach the speed of sound, in other words, about or more than 760 miles per hour (1200 km/h). This high-powered train can transport up to 10,000 passengers per day … with a travelling speed the equivalent of an underground tube train! The Hyperloop is being tested at the moment in the Nevada desert.


The Ecole des Mines in Saint Etienne has set up a workgroup to analyse the feasibility of the project. Taking into account the geographical situation, passengers could travel from Saint Etienne to the Gaulle capital in just 8 minutes! A real alternative that would make sense instead of the future A45 motorway.


The Hyperloop project was already estimated at 80 million dollars in 2016 and several big companies such as the French SNCF are really interested in it. Last January, Toulouse has just opened up a research centre for the Hyperloop One.

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