Big Picture : autonomous vehicles are everywhere! Editorial

We told you in a previous article that we would be talking in the Big Picture about autonomous vehicles.

Why? Because these vehicles are one of the features of future mobility. You can make better use of your time while travelling, and in a few years, the autonomous vehicle will be better connected and a safer form of transport. Everyone is talking about them and the concept is attracting more and more investment. The concept of driverless transport will not only change our relationship with vehicles but also how we use them. But they are also likely to shake-up many business models: for example, in the field of insurance.


At the moment, we are seeing an unprecedented technological surge. More and more vehicles are being fitted with this latest technology. Nvidia’s participation in the opening session of the last CES in Las Vegas is a good example (Nvidia has developed hands-on training software based on this new technology.)

So, what is the connection with the car? Two German manufacturers announced at the CES 2017 that they were both bringing out a vehicle equipped with Nvidia technology. This will be 2018 for Mercedes-Benz followed by Audi in 2020. More recently, at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, there was increased communication from vehicle manufacturers about the technological advances brought in to manage the increased flow of data.

Numerous experiments across Europe have shown how politicians are keen to not be left behind. This attitude was reinforced by a resolution adopted in mid-February asked the European Commission to bring in common security legislation and responsibility involving robotics. Driverless cars are targeted by this legislation.


In this new newsletter, we wanted to discuss the subject of autonomous vehicles from many different angles. We will be talking about what is at stake for these driverless vehicles, the role played by the manufacturer, different existing models; the testing of autonomous vehicles and the case of Uber.

You will also find some surprise news in our Buzz section and in our Innovations section. Happy reading!

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