PSA’s autonomous car : try it!

If you have ever dreamed of testing a driverless vehicle then it’s now possible.

PSA organised its “Autonomous Vehicle for All” (AVA) open day scheme. The promotion, “Seduction”, took place in Paris on 28th and 29th of March.  What was the goal of the operation? The French manufacturer wants to reassure future users, as according to a recent survey, the general public are a little wary about this new technology.

What’s the goal of the promotion? To show how easy driving can be with built-in options. Out of a scale of 3 (“Eyes Off”), “non-expert” passengers could experience a complete autonomous drive in a car, under good weather conditions. The level just above (4) (“Mind off”) doesn’t require any intervention from the driver, except just to set the chosen destination.

What’s next? AVA won’t be stopping there. Today, the PSA Group provides certain models in their range with option 1 (anti-collision alerts, automatic emergency braking). As from 2018, Option 2 (automatic speed and route control, auto-parking, auto-drive on high-speed roads …), “driver monitoring” will be included for the model DS7 Crossback, recently unveiled at the Geneva Trade Fair.

Are you tempted to try the completely autonomous experience? The car with Option 3 “hands free drive” will be sold as from 2020. Until then, there will be other demonstrations to show the public the car of the future.

For more information on the PSA autonomous model:

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