Backstage with NAVYA: exclusive interview

We have already spoken about NAVYA several times. We wrote about our experience when we tested the NAVLY shuttle (designed in partnership with KEOLIS), and then we told you about the driverless shuttles in Paris and Nantes and about other companies that are helping to get things moving on the autonomous vehicle market.

And we have reason to be proud as NAVYA is a Lyon based company.

Interview with Nicolas DE CREMIERS, NAVYA Marketing Director:

[O.L’]: NAVYA is specialized in autonomous vehicles specifically for public transport. Could you tell us about your strategy concerning self-driving vehicles?

[Nicolas DE CREMIERS]: NAVYA is the specialist and leader in the development of innovative, intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions. Since 2015, the company has developed, assembled and marketed shuttles for 15 people that are 100% autonomous and electric.

These shuttles, called NAVYA ARMA, are especially designed to improve mobility in urban areas and on private sites, where vehicles without a steering wheel or pedals can circulate today.


[O.L’]: Will public transport be an important influence in the development of autonomous vehicles?

[NDC]: It’s becoming crucial for towns that are experiencing more and more congestion and pollution to find new solutions. In public transport, from the first to the last mile, we have to work on predefined areas and fixed circuits, which allows us from a business and legal point of view, to use autonomous vehicles. NAVYA has more than 35 vehicles on 5 continents and transports more than 150,000 passengers. So yes, it’s possible to use autonomous vehicles for public transport.


[O.L’]: What are the main differences between a private individual’s vehicle made by the manufacturers that we know today and these autonomous ones made by NAVYA?

[NDC]: The most noticeable difference is that in a NAVYA vehicle there is no steering wheel or pedals. It’s equipped with a multitude of different sensors. These sensors analyse the driving conditions and adapt the driving of the vehicle accordingly.


[O.L’]: Are there new jobs linked to autonomous vehicles for their maintenance and management?

[NDC]: Yes, of course vehicles are changing and the profession too. When a client buys a NAVYA fleet, they get help with maintenance and supervision. As the vehicles have more and more technology, maintenance is becoming more technical. As far as supervision is concerned, it’s very similar to more classical fleets, but with special features that are adapted to the vehicles.


[O.L’]: Which countries are leading the way for autonomous vehicles?

[NDC]: Several countries from the USA to Asia, as well as in Europe of course, are encouraging the use of autonomous vehicles. But local and national governments all over the world are becoming more aware of these solutions . We are seeing a rise in the number of autonomous vehicles in use.

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