The Aipoly Vision app revolutionizes the life of the visually impaired

What does visual recognition, artificial intelligence and voice support technology have in common? Aipoly Vision, the new app that makes life easier for the visually impaired.

What is the main feature of the Aipoly app?

On average, Aipoly can recognize 3 objects per second and without an Internet connection. Using this information, the visually impaired person can then adapt accordingly. Much more than just identifying the object and size, Aipoly Vision also recognises 900 colours and speaks 7 languages, namely English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Arabic. And that’s not all, this app can also read documents and recognize currencies. Another advantage of the app is that it is not only able to learn more about new objects but to adapt itself to these new objects.

For the estimated 285 million visually impaired people in the world, this application will change their lives. Their smartphone will become their eyes! In fact, the user launches the app and scans the objects by pointing at them with the camera on his smartphone. The Voice assistant informs them of the objects recognised by the camera with a detailed description.

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