A graduate in mobility, it’s possible!

A diploma to become a Vocational rehabilitation mobility advisor: what’s that?


The Paris School of Urban Planning (EUP) is surfing on the wave of new trends. In fact, it has created the first inter-university Diploma (IUD) called “Vocational Rehabilitation Mobility adviser”. The holder of this diploma assists professionals who work for the mobility of people on social or professional vocational rehabilitation programmes. Moreover, it is a recognition of the work of the professionals dedicated to this subject, within vocational rehabilitation structures. It’s brand-new, the first programme started in February 2017. Only 13 students have followed the programme for the time being.

Who is the training for?

Aimed at professionals, the training consists of 8 modules representing 2 or 3 days a month of training. What are the criteria to sign up for this training? You need to have a BAC + 2 and at least 2 years’ professional experience in the new mobility sector.


This new diploma shows new mobility as being one of the stakes of tomorrow.


If you’re interested, the next programme is scheduled for February 2018!

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