Nuviz, Head-Up information displayed directly on the motorcyclist’s helmet screen!

Nuviz Hud, is the first all-in-one motorcycle Head-Up Display (HU) allowing riders to integrate many technological functions without having to take their eyes off the road. So as not to distract the driver, the data display is at the bottom-right of the helmet screen. The HUD with its augmented reality system will prevent bikers from getting distracted for too long, which could prove to be fatal.

What type of data are provided with Nuviz?

 Nuviz gives the speed of the biker, the speed limit and has a built-in GPS. The system also has a Bluetooth connection, which allows you to listen to your playlist and receive calls. Of course, not all the information will be shown on the screen at the same time.

Do you need to buy a helmet to use this system?

No, the system adapts to all types of full-face helmets as it fixes to the chin bar.

How does the system work?

The device is installed on the left side of the handlebar and you can access all the system’s features at the touch of a button.  It also has a speaker and a microphone.

So, biker friends, can you resist? A small video demo will certainly tell you more than a long article. See the video test for Nuviz below and give us your feedback!


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