NF399 and eCall 112, what is it?

Mustafa KARA, a certified engineer, has been working at Infocert since 2014. He audited Opteven when the company obtained the NF399 brand on the “interoperability of Emergency Services”. Opteven was certified in May 2017.

[OptevenLab]: Can you explain why it’s so important to have the NF399 brand for eCall?


 [Mustafa KARA]: The NF399 brand makes it possible to standardize data exchanges with public safety software. Initially, it concerned various public safety systems, but since 1999, it’s possible to send vehicle data to the rescue services.


Now used by all emergency and first-aid services, the NF399 brand has therefore been used to enable the certification of assistive management tools. In fact, with eCall, assistance and emergency services will exchange data feeds. Two main data feeds are distinguished. The “case” data stream is sent by the assistance companies to the rescue services and “the result of the case flow” is sent by the rescue services to the assistance companies.

[OptevenLab]: What are the key points of certification?

 [Mustafa KARA]: there are 3 types of requirements that must be met:

  • A quality control based on ISO 9001
  • Quality control of the software based on ISO 25051. This is a very detailed standard both in the manufacturing process and in terms of software maintenance.
  • The product requirements of the NF399 brand, in particular the tests of the dataflow to be exchanged, as well as for the category concerned by the product.

[OptevenLab]:  How often does the certification have to be renewed?

[Mustafa KARA]: it has to be renewed every 3 years, there’s a follow-up audit every year.

[OptevenLab]: Which operators can be certified?

They are mainly commercial software publishers or proprietary software publishers, in other words, companies that have developed their own software. In short, any software requiring an interface with the national communications networks of civil security must be certified NF399. It should also be noted that in the context of the NF399 brand, there may be more data flows (other than “the case”, and the “result of the case”). In fact, specific emergency services can also share data with other emergency services.

[OptevenLab]: Do you think that more and more third parties will need to communicate with emergency services?

[Mustafa KARA]: Yes, in theory. In the future, we will be more and more connected and the rescue services will be increasingly contacted via connected objects. In addition to the development of the 112 eCall, the emergence of automation-type services, fire alarms, anti-CO2, but also emergency call buttons for the elderly will lead to an increase in contacts with the emergency services.

 [OptevenLab]: Do you know how it works in other European countries?

[Mustafa KARA]: What happens in France is quite specific. In other European countries, eCalls arrive directly onto the 112 platforms without going through a third-party service provider.

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