Our editorial: why the eCall?

We’ve set the pace, you can now discover our newsletters every quarter. These newsletters represent the first part of the achievements from Opteven Lab. And the first part was closely followed by a second one! This second part consisted of creating a physical space for our Lab. In May 2017, we opened this space, dedicated to creativity. And it works! In this issue, you will discover the feedback from one of our managers! It is also in this space, known as the Skylab, that our editorial has been busy keeping things on the boil for you and have you cooked up our new Big Picture file, all about the eCall!


Why eCall?

  • Firstly, because the subject concerns the majority of our readers. Whether you are an insurer, a manufacturer, a rental company or a distributor, you are impacted by the subject.
  • Secondly the deadline is now behind us. On the 31st of March 2018 the eCall can be found in all the new models.
  • But also, because, eCall is an initiative of the National Union of Roadside Assistance Companies (SNSA in France), which is also working on setting up eCall.
  • Finally, the subject is complex and it is our role to co-pilot the project and to share the information with you.

You will find in this issue of the Big Picture, a report on the eCall project, the views of an expert concerning the NF399 eCall brand, a panorama of bCall solutions with a test, and finally 2 short articles on examples of the American eCall. As always, you will find our Buzz articles with the latest news from the different sectors, Open Innovation presenting the Aipoly solution for the visually impaired and Stop Press news which explains one of the latest solutions for carpooling on a daily basis. See latest solutions for everyday carpooling.


Enjoy reading about eCall!

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