Can we really eat better thanks to algorithms?


Innovation isn’t just in the world of mobility. We are also innovating to help safeguard our health thanks to algorithms. At last, technology can be useful for our nutrition!

Today, our food is affected by the environment in which we live. Often the nutriments indicated on shop-bought products are too generic and the level of vitamins is too low. This is mainly due to the overexploitation of agricultural land over the last decades. According to the National Centre of Scientific Research, every year this drop in quality of our food is responsible for a growing number of people with cancer or heart disease. This is why Bloomizon is set to rise to the challenge. Their goal is to use algorithms and nutritional advice to adapt everyone’s specific need in vitamins.

How does it work?

In fact, it’s very simple. You just need to download the Bloomizon app and according to your personal characteristics, a unique algorithm will calculate your specific needs in vitamins. Moreover, there are 2 sorts of vitamins. Firstly, hydro-soluble vitamins (like vitamin C) that the body is not able to stock – we need to take this type every day. Then there are other fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, B12 …) that need to be taken only when our body has none left.


The feedback concerning this made-to-measure supplement programme is very positive. Today, 95% of users say that they have noticed the difference following Bloomizon recommendations.

Are you sure that you’re not lacking in vitamins? Check out the Bloomizon site where you can find out, free of charge, what your personal needs in vitamins are through this unique algorithm.