Crash between self-driving shuttle Navya and a truck in Las Vegas (it wasn’t even its fault!)

The Navya, the self-driving shuttle (from Lyon) had an accident last November in Las Vegas. It was carrying out its first trials with passengers on board. There was no-one injured in the crash with a delivery truck which was doing a U-turn. The truck hit the right wing of the shuttle which had stopped. Thanks to its sensors, the shuttle could “detect” the presence of the truck.

Is the image of self-driving cars being questioned? …

We have to say that the responsibility of the accident comes down to … the human being! In fact, the driver of the truck wasn’t careful enough and couldn’t avoid the impact. The town of Las Vegas also added that “if the truck had the same equipment as the shuttle, the accident would have been avoided”. Let’s also not forget that it was a really small accident: the shuttle wasn’t going more than 32 km/h. The passengers confirmed that the truck was going really slowly. The accident has not however had negative consequences in the on-going tests. The Navya experiment carries on its adventure for several more months in Las Vegas.


The objective is to benefit from this technology on our roads, so we have to change the way we drive and the level of attention of everyone.