Less is more: Simple and supportive urban car-pooling

Hitchhiking that you can count on!

Urban mobility is an important concern due to the growth of our cities. One of the tools put forward by the company LESS, to boost urban car-pooling is an app on your mobile phone to help you find a car pooling service that works for you! The company has invested €16 million to propose a simple and efficient service to make it easier to get around our cities. Passengers can hop in and hop out of a driver’s car along the way, if they are going to the same place. The driver could pick up someone on route without taking a detour. A considerable saving for users of car-pooling since the expenses are shared. An ecological profit: less traffic, less CO2, and even smoother traffic flow!


Ready to start ?

The app is being tested right now. Drivers in the Parisian region can now sign up to know how the tool works. They were the first pool of testers when it was launched in January 2018. They will be able to validate its efficiency before it is extended all over France and even internationally!


Find all the latest developments on the new mobility: https://mylab.opteven.com/index.php/category/innovation/alt-news/

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