Our lab is in action!

And yes, after presenting the lab to you, this time we invite you to discover a report from one of our managers: Sandrine Casimiro.

She works as our Mechanical Breakdown Accounting Department Supervisor. She has 7 people in her team.

Opteven Lab: Sandrine, how did you react when you saw Skylab?

Sandrine Casimiro: As soon as I saw the Skylab on its inauguration day, I could imagine myself working in it. You can get something else from your team members than just giving them top-down information. There’s a friendly atmosphere in the Skylab, it’s light and airy, it’s more fun… I think that using games at work to come up with new ideas really works. In fact, I was the first manager to organise a meeting in this new facility.


Opteven Lab: How have you used Skylab?

Sandrine Casimiro: I organized a special meeting concerning the organization of the department. We were in a critical period. We were up to eyes in work, it was tense, and I had asked my team to do overtime. So, I wanted to do something to reduce the team’s stress. I used the Skylab to organize a brainstorming session. When we arrived in the lab, we all had a chat whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.

When everybody was sitting comfortably, I introduced the subject and lots of ideas were put forward. Everyone wrote their ideas down and then presented them. Even the shyest member of my team took part.


Opteven Lab: What do you think you will do next?

Sandrine Casimiro: The team really liked it and so did I! We’ve already planned the next meeting in the Lab, we will even serve tea and coffee at the entrance. On the agenda, we will be discussing the action plan to set up the project and prizes for the best project name.

I have lots of other ideas of how to create a good team spirit, for example, “live my life as a manager, and other little challenges …”

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