Making traffic smoother in towns – (at last!)


Mobility in our towns is undergoing a revolution. So, to move around the city and save time, applications can help us find a parking space or a free cycle terminal in real time. And more and more of these applications are on offer.



One of the latest French start-ups and le Monde prize winners of the Smart Cities 2016 award, the company Qucit has fixed the goal to “mathematize the town”. Qucit wants to make the city smarter and improve the quality of life of town dwellers. So, this company has developed a platform that plans to model human behaviour using a great variety of urban data and algorithms of artificial intelligence. The tools are then proposed to professionals or private individuals to improve logistics in the city.

The 3 modules Qucit
The 3 modules Qucit


What is it?

BikePredict is a free application to improve bike-share systems. Nearly all big cities today offer this service. If you have already used a bike-share system, finding a bike or a drop-off space at any station is not always easy. This app helps to ensure there are enough bikes at each bike station.


So how does it work?

BikePredict is a free application that guarantees the best service for bike-share schemes and there are three versions today

  • The first version is for private individuals. This app means that you can see the availability of bikes and where you can pick them up or drop them off, up to 12 hours in advance, to provide the best service possible for users.
  • The second version is for professionals: it presents a redistribution of bicycles to optimise their number at each station.
  • Then there’s the 3rd module, called “smart positioning”. It simulates a new station before making decisions and investments. Today, this service is being used by Keolis in several towns. The company has said that they are very satisfied with the service.


In a few words,

The reliability of the platform in Bordeaux is 98%, according to Paul Charon, marketing manager for Qucit. So, if you are looking to make travelling around the city easier, test out this application!



Innovation doesn’t just happen in the hands of a start-up. Lately, the Technology University of Troyes, in partnership with the Clermont-Auvergne university, has presented a project called «TOAST» (Tactical OptimizAtion Strategies adapted to urban Transportation networks). In other words, a smart system that means that you can avoid all traffic jams in town.


This project is currently being tested at Troyes thanks to financial support from the eastern area of the town of Troyes. The objective is to get it working for the next Tour de France. The project relies on algorithms to model all road networks and optimise traffic flows in case of one-off events (roadworks…) or unforeseen events (accidents…).


In April 2017, the project received the European “Smart Cities” innovation prize in Lyon, winning the urban category. The year 2018 will be decisive for the TOAST project thanks to fundraising. This financial support must help the company make innovation accessible on smartphones.

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