MOBUNO, the car that will help you to park

Self-driving cars are all the rage at the moment, as is car-pooling to remove polluting vehicles from our big cities. But not many have given much thought to the problem of parking. In an attempt to address this issue, each town has its strategy:

  • Banning traffic from town centres (closing towns to traffic),
  • Excluding certain vehicles
  • Alternating traffic based on number plates
  • Favouring soft means of transport.

But what about the self-driving car? Will we still have to look for a car parking space?

Mobuno's design
Mobuno’s design

What is Mobuno?

A German company called XOIO has launched a project called MOBUNO. The concept? To use the technology of the self-driving car to solve the problem of parking in major cities all over the world.

Mobuno is a classical self-driving car with an electric system. It’s added value is principally in its size and in its mobility possibilities. In fact, Mobuno can communicate with other cars of the same type to park in small areas. XOIO guarantees that space will be optimized: in a zone for 8 medium-sized cars, about 20 Mobunos can be parked.

How will Mobuno be used?

Each Mobuno will have a maximal capacity of 4 passengers and will work with a system of shared cars that will be available via an app on our smartphone.

So, considering the present solutions in terms of mobility and the challenges of last year, should we consider Mobuno as a solution? This is probably one of the many responses to help resolve our traffic problems in the years to come.

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