NAVYA launches Autonom Cab

Following the self-driving shuttles in Lyon, Paris and even Las Vegas, Navya is offering an urban mobility service. Aware of the stakes of urban mobility, Navya is positioned as one of the answers to current issues.

The Lyonnais start-up wants to launch the very first electric self-driving taxi in Spring 2018. Equipped with sensors, cameras and antenna, the vehicle has the latest equipment to guarantee reliability. It doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals but, to reassure you, there is of course an integrated breaking system! Technically designed to travel in urban areas, it doesn’t go faster than 50 km/h. However, the engine can reach 90 km/h if needed.


Hey taxi!

If you want to take advantage of a ride in Autonom Cab, you just have to connect to the dedicated application. The vehicle can transport from 1 to 6 passengers for a private or shared service. This same application allows us to “remotely control” the car. In this way, you can decide on your destination, open and close doors, and specify your destination. And that’s not all! Once in the car, you can choose your music via a playlist for a relaxed mode or work, thanks to different Datacom products on offer… so, let yourself be transported! Moreover, this smart taxi will not let you be late: it’s programmed to avoid the majority of traffic jams.


With its comfort, security and new technology, Autonom Cab promises a positive revolution for city dwellers. The question is therefore to know if we are ready to trust machines that are as reliable as possible. The French legislation reduces its use to experimentation.