Mobility for everyone

Mon Copilote* (*my co-pilot) – an app with a heart.


Mon Copilote – a fantastic blend of technology and mobility to help people who need it most. Their slogan “mobility for everyone” sums up their main goal.


The idea behind the app?


Developed in Paris, in 2016, this platform helps put people with reduced mobility in touch with other private individuals who can help them with their daily commutes. The idea came from a disabled person, who wanted to help people with disabilities to be more mobile by connecting people who can assist them when travelling.


Today, collaborative technology and innovation can help people with disabilities. Recently a new option provides assistance for seniors and is available on the website.


So, in 2018, the platform, that was formerly known as “Handivalise” is now called “Mon Copilote” * My Co-pilot in English.


How does the app work?


You just need 2 people. A person with a disability who needs to travel, “the pilot” and the other who offers to assist the disabled person, the “co-pilot”. This way, disabled people can travel and meet people through the “Mon CoPilote” platform.


Initially, the idea was to provide a solution for long distance trips. Once it had been set up, the platform expanded its services with a test-project for short commutes. The city of Clermont Ferrand volunteered to test out this project in September 2017. The project was organized by a local transport network called “Auvermoove”. Thanks to this initiative, dozens of people have had help with their commutes, as you can see in this video. Thanks to this success, another town, Pau, joined the project in December 2017, in partnership with the local transport network, SMTU-PPP.


How does it work?

To benefit from this service, go onto the site “mon”.

  1. The first step is to subscribe, either directly on-line or by telephone. Both the pilot and the co-pilot need to subscribe.
  2. Next, you fill in your transport needs or you can set up alerts for your regular trips.
  3. Then, the pilot and co-pilot are put in touch with each other via the app.


Today, the project is supported by several partners and the challenge is to keep going in this difficult economic period. We therefore invite you to visit their site and their blog to find out more about this collaborative movement. Moreover, if you are in Clermont-Ferrand or in Pau – the site regularly organizes events. Their annual events calendar is now online.


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