Test: The “Drive or Phone” App

We’ve tested for youDrive or Phone!


Going to work doesn’t necessarily mean being stuck in the same old office anymore.


These days, thanks to a certain device, we have access to everything, all the time. We’re digitally connected everywhere, to everything, around the clock. We can literally hold our office in the palm of our hand; we can no longer leave it behind; it follows us everywhere we go and worse still, we feel helpless without it. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about the smartphone. However, this hyper connectivity is not compatible with driving. But have no fear, a new app called “Drive or Phone” is now available on screens near you!


What is Drive or Phone?

Drive or Phone is a French start-up that has created a solution to eliminate the risks associated with the use of the smartphone while driving, without encroaching on the productivity of employees. Just to remind you, the use of the telephone at the wheel is a real danger and above all, it’s illegal! The use of a handheld mobile phone, in a car or on a two-wheeler, whether we’re talking about a call or a text message, is an offence sanctioned by a Police Report and a fine of €135 as well as 3-points off your driver’s license. The onus is on all fleet managers to set up a policy regarding the use of the telephone at work to maximize the safety of drivers and other road users. Drive or Phone provides an innovative and necessary solution for increased road safety for everyone by preventing drivers from using their smartphones whilst driving.


Drive or Phone: how does it work?

To use this application properly you need to equip your vehicle with a special Drive or Phone box. The application will request the device administrator’s permission to set up some screen protection features. Once you’ve downloaded, click on the application to start the installation! This application is not a tracking app: the use of the positioning service is only necessary to calculate the speed. Several features remain available such as emergency call and navigation applications.


“The employees from our agency had many road accidents. I wanted to draw the Agency manager’s attention to this risk and so I suggested that he test this application to reduce the number of incidents.” Charlotte, Safety Officer at COLAS


The app’s advantages:

  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • It’s impossible to read text messages or e-mails, you just get a black screen on your mobile and access is denied.

The disadvantages:

  • You need a company license to use this application.
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