Companies fight for their place on green transportation market – VélibGate

Green transport in Paris, news for bicycles.


JC Decaux and its Vélib have not had their contract renewed by the city of Paris. And even if the capital has officially selected another company, the Franco-Spanish group Smorengo, is experiencing difficulties (fleets in need of renewal, work needed on bike stations, employees on strike etc.…) At the same time, several Asian stakeholders have tried to break into the market such as “Obike and Gobee bike (which stopped its cycling activity in France). Mobile and Ofo, these newcomers are taking advantage of delays in the deployment of Vélib2.


All these stakeholders have different mobility strategies, such as “bike pens”, where bicycles have to be taken from and given back to a dedicated point are facing competition from “hop on- drop off” bikes spread out over town, that we can pick-up a bike from anywhere (thanks to the appropriate application) and leave it wherever we like

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