Iceland tests volcanic energy

The era of the sustainable energy is encouraging electric vehicles to take a bigger place in our society. But for those who are attached to a traditional combustion engine, the Chinese manufacturer Geely, has put forward another solution: geothermic energy.


In Iceland, Geely has partnered with C.R.I (Carbon Recycling International). This alliance aims at creating and testing a new liquid fuel called Vulcanol, produced from carbon dioxide. This is very concentrated and is produced from volcano emissions. The Company C.R.I takes the CO² and transforms it into methanol that is one of the components of this new fuel.


A fleet of vehicles has experimented with this new energy. Their engines were modified to take both petrol and methanol. The petrol reservoir will be used, in Iceland, for the ignition and the warming up of the vehicle. In fact, methanol doesn’t evaporate very easily in temperatures below zero.


“Geely” chose Berline Emgrand for its experimentation. The feedback has been quite good: the use of methanol means that you can lower CO² emissions, it has demonstrated that there is a rapid and efficient way to take positive measures on fleets of vehicles for the protection of our planet.

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