The Lab Eye : We’re on the move as well

Go on! Be honest – chances are that you think that the accounting and treasury department, aren’t much fun! We’re going to prove you wrong through the testimony of one of our managers: Sabrina Messad. She works in the treasury department. She leads a team of 6 people. Her team is 100% girl power!


Opteven Lab: Sabrina, what was your reaction when you first discovered the Lab?


Sabrina Messad: The Lab is a really nice room. The colours and versatility of the space is quite inspiring. It means that we can take a fresh look at things instead of getting stuck in a routine. Moreover, I find that communication is different and improved.


The Lab also helps create a more relaxed environment and this helps the team work better. When I run a team meeting in this room, my co-workers always leave with different ideas, they see things differently. For me, innovation stems from the improvement of working conditions, processes, etc. and the Lab definitely helps do this!


I think that innovation is also about seeing things differently and coming out of your comfort zone. And so, using the Lab benefits my team, as well as me!


Opteven Lab: So, if innovation, is not just about products, what was the purpose of your meeting?


Sabrina Messad: The whole meeting was about how to improve management in difficult situations, to work better with less stress. Why? Because when you are stressed, you are usually less efficient.


To deal with the subjects, my objectives were:

  • That every team member is conscious that they have their problems and that everyone has them in their jobs too.
  • Help them to get some perspective by using mindfulness meditation techniques.


Opteven Lab: How did you deal with the subject?


Sabrina Messad: The meeting lasted an hour and a half.  We had a coffee together and had a chat and just generally relaxed. Then I introduced the subject and I presented the “5 whys?”. The goal of this method is to find solutions to a problem. How does it work? We talked about a problem and then we asked the question “How did we get in this situation?”. We ask the question 5 times.


Everyone did the exercise. It confirmed that there were certain problems to be solved but also that we can’t always solve these problems alone. My team could look at a situation with a more relaxed outlook.


Image: mindful meditation to feel better at work


To prolong this relaxing experience, I presented the principle of mindfulness meditation (using images and instructive videos) and we finished with 10 minutes of meditation.


After the meeting, I asked the participants to fill out an anonymous questionnaire and it was quite apparent that my team appreciated the meeting.


Opteven Lab: What did you conclude from this experience?


Sabrina Messad: I want to carry on trying new techniques, like a breath of fresh air, to show my team that we don’t have to get stuck in a routine. Using the Lab helped us to step into action and to accept different constraints.


As Opteven is growing, we are going to look after Spain, Poland, and Sweden, which will bring new challenges. I intend to use the Lab to manage these challenges better with meetings that focus on our changing needs. I’m hoping that my team will come up with some new ideas.

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