The Nebo app from Nantes, France

Are you organized or would you like to know how to be organized?


Nebo is a wonderful app to transcribe all your notes in one well-presented Word document. You can convert notes that you’ve just scribbled, transform your drawings into interactive diagrams, export scribbled equations … in short, with Nebo, there are no end of solutions to speed-up taking notes!


The best application in the world is French…

The app has been successful out of France. MyScript is a world leader in the area of handwriting recognition and the management of digital ink. The company, who worked in a very specialized area in artificial intelligence, won the competition of the best app at the CES four years ago, thanks to Calculator, that takes a written manuscript, and with, one simple swipe of the finger, can make all sort of calculations on the smartphone. The start-up team as well as car manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes or Tesla, have integrated written recognition into a central command in the cockpit.


… transforms your notes to digital text


In a nutshell, this app converts your ink into digital text on tablets (iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface …), equipped with a Touch Screen Pen. The system deals with and transforms words in 59 languages, but also mathematical expressions and diagrams, that are sometimes annoying and time-consuming to put on the computer. It’s the ideal tool when we think about its potential use (work, university …).


How is Nebo different?


“Nebo” recognizes the structure in the text. You could write as you usually do, skipping lines, writing headings or lists. The app then puts the text in a digital form, just exactly how you wrote it. You can just write in a really naturally way. It’s possible to change colour or the thickness of the stroke, or to erase words. To indicate the different paragraphs, you just have to change lines as you do when you are writing. It is extremely easy to make modifications, delete or move around part of the text. 

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