About the Lab

As true professionals, motivated by curiosity and the desire to test all new forms of mobility, our team has taken a big step that has led to the creation of Opteven Lab!

Opteven Lab was thought up by Opteven employees and is part of the Opteven 2020 projects. It follows the program IDEA: Innovation – Digital – Europe and Added efficiency. Opteven Lab is divided into 2 parts: the blog and the Lab workshop.

The Opteven Lab blog

The blog that you are reading right now has been online since October 2016. Every 2 to 3 months, we publish comprehensive articles on topics with the latest mobility news. Car-sharing, carpooling, self-driving cars, electric or hydrogen car, electric bikes, mobility start-ups,  etc. But also we include news that we think is important, and 2 articles on innovations. As innovation exists everywhere, not just in the field of mobility, one article is always about a start-up or a product in our sector (mobility). And another tells you about something that has been developed out of our field. The Opteven Lab is looking further than just our business of today.

The Lab workshop

Not only are we looking further, we have chosen to test and experiment more too. Our workshop is not a closed space. It is a room and several areas spread out over different floors, which are available for presentations, tools, and different objects. Our goal is to read, test and help develop ideas related to these innovations.

This workshop is just getting off the ground. It will be added to during the coming months.

Follow-us: The Newsletter

In addition to the blog and the workshop, a newsletter has been set up. It goes over the main articles from the blog and you can follow our latest news and debates.

Welcome to Opteven Lab

Lab created and supported by Opteven: www.opteven.com