Our Team

For our ambitious project, an extended project team has been organized to make sure we meet our high expectations.

The management of the project is led by Clotilde, Guillaume and Albert.

Team Project :

In addition to the project, several employees will be contributing with their skills, knowledge and ideas on a topic:

Alex, Jacques, Adeline, Stéphane, Pierrick, Soumaya, Ilhame, Naser, Elodieand.

They get together from time to time to work with the project team. This team includes Feisal Elkhaouly, Myriam Hamlaoui, Tereza Kremlova and Loïc Marescaux. Their objective is to ensure the follow-up of the project and to identify issues to be addressed.

So if you have a question about an article, want to know how the Lab works or wish to suggest an idea to try out – just contact us!

our team